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Virkauf Holidays will plan your perfect vacation. With our help, you won’t need to worry about finding the right flights or hotels as we’ve got everything covered! We’ll also give advice on what destinations are worth visiting based off of insider tips from locals living there too-all at an affordable price

Planning a vacation is hard — you have to worry about finding the right flights, hotels and activities. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult when there are experts like us who know how! Let Virkauf Holidays take care of everything for you-we’ll help with planning your trip from start (flights) all way through destination selection; even give advice on what places might suit whatever interests or tastes as well as insider tips that can save time during any future travels abroad

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Customers says

As a first time visitor to India, I had an amazing time seeing the country! Virkauf Holidays was very helpful and assisted me with my tour. I took the Golden triangle package and I saw the best historical monuments and sights of India. Looking forward to see more of India. A big Cheers to all the team at Virkauf Holidays.


Went to Turkey, good tour and great hospitality. Needless to mention, Virkauf Holidays delivered what they promise, the team is helpful and managed the whole trip so well. Thanks Virkauf, Keep up the good work!


We are very happy and really enjoyed our trip to Russia. Rosa Khutor was excellent and we must give at least one night. Excellent location, beautiful sites and excellent hotels. Thank you so much for all the arrangements!!