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Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but planning one can feel overwhelming. You have so many things you need to think about from where your destination of choice will be (or what package deal) right down how much time off work do I want? Virkauf Holidays has got this covered! With our expert knowledge and help find packages available worldwide – there’s no excuse not turn away some good rest while on vacation with us

planning a vacation can be overwhelming. There are so many things to think about, from where you want go and what pack! It doesn’t have too much more time than right now because we know how important it is for people like us who might not alwaysland on their feet when they fly off- including during these busy times With our help though everything will fall neatly into place with nothing left out

Virkauf Holidays is here to help you plan your perfect vacation. We have packages available for any destination around the world, so don’t let this challenge stop you from taking advantage of our amazing services!

Holiday Package

Dazzling Dubai
Maldives Package
Best of Switzerland
Tops of Europe & Titlis
London & Scotland
An Evening in Paris
Dubai Expo
Best of Scandinavia

Customers says

As a first time visitor to India, I had an amazing time seeing the country! Virkauf Holidays was very helpful and assisted me with my tour. I took the Golden triangle package and I saw the best historical monuments and sights of India. Looking forward to see more of India. A big Cheers to all the team at Virkauf Holidays.


Went to Turkey, good tour and great hospitality. Needless to mention, Virkauf Holidays delivered what they promise, the team is helpful and managed the whole trip so well. Thanks Virkauf, Keep up the good work!


We are very happy and really enjoyed our trip to Russia. Rosa Khutor was excellent and we must give at least one night. Excellent location, beautiful sites and excellent hotels. Thank you so much for all the arrangements!!